Solar Water Purifier & Solar Desalination Technology

F CUBED is an Australian owned, global company, dedicated to the conservation, production and processing of the worlds most critical resource, water through solar desalination process & efficient water purification systems like solar water purifiers. Carocell solar desalinating / purification technology is the most efficient and cost effective system of its kind, producing pure, clean drinking water on any scale from any water source.

We are passionate and committed to preserve and conservation of water.

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F Cubed has installed over 3,000 systems in over 30 countries and growing. The system is the perfect off-grid solution for rural and remote areas. Some of more notable projects include:

  • Over 2,000 individual homes in Bangladesh
  • Over 1,000 rural schools and government offices in Bangladesh
  • Providing clean water to remote Indigenous Communities in Colombia and Australia
  • Desalinating water in Pacific Island Nations such as Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Fiji and Nauru
  • Successful testing for Lithium extraction in Chile
  • Successful elimination of PFAS
  • Rural medical facilities in Mozambique
  • Designing shelters utilising the Carocell panels as the roof in Nauru
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Latest News


February 2020 – Covestro Thailand and Fcubed SEA Provide another Clean Drinking Water Solution at a Local School

Once again Covestro Thailand continues to help rural schools provide clean drinking water for the children that attend them.  We installed an elevated water farm which is treating local water and feeding<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : solaR22 | Mar 3, 2020


FCUBED SEA signs Distribution Agreement with PT. INDONESIA BERSINAR TERANG.  Riding on the success of the Indo Water Event – Fcubed SEA has no appointed its new working partner PT. INDONESIA BERSINAR<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : solaR22 | Jan 10, 2020

November 2019 – Vietwater Event

Fcubed SEA and their local partner Techkem Resources attended Asias premier water purification event last week in Saigon.  This is an excellent platform to share information and work with other professionals in<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : solaR22 | Nov 13, 2019