Solar Water Purifier & Solar Desalination Technology

F CUBED is an Australian owned, global company, dedicated to the conservation, production and processing of the worlds most critical resource, water through solar desalination process & efficient water purification systems like solar water purifiers. Carocell solar desalinating / purification technology is the most efficient and cost effective system of its kind, producing pure, clean drinking water on any scale from any water source.

We are passionate and committed to preserve and conservation of water.

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F Cubed has installed over 3,000 systems in over 30 countries and growing. The system is the perfect off-grid solution for rural and remote areas. Some of more notable projects include:

  • Over 2,000 individual homes in Bangladesh
  • Over 1,000 rural schools and government offices in Bangladesh
  • Providing clean water to remote Indigenous Communities in Colombia and Australia
  • Desalinating water in Pacific Island Nations such as Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Fiji and Nauru
  • Successful testing for Lithium extraction in Chile
  • Successful elimination of PFAS
  • Rural medical facilities in Mozambique
  • Designing shelters utilising the Carocell panels as the roof in Nauru
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Latest News


Carocell Water Farm is featured in the award-winning Er Pavilion

We are thrilled to announce that our Carocell Water Farm is featured in the award-winning Er Pavilion, recognized with the AIA Architecture Award for Sustainable Architecture by WA Chapter. This achievement, commissioned<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : martiN1 | Jun 18, 2024

F Cubed partners with Engineers Without Borders in Cook Islands & Tuvalu

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the collaboration between F Cubed and Engineers Without Borders has resulted in the successful deployment of Carocell Purification Systems to the communities of<a class="moretag" href="">Read More...</a>
By : martiN1 | May 9, 2024

F Cubed provides more off-grid Carocell purification systems to Kiribati

F Cubed continues its impactful mission in Kiribati by delivering another container of systems, ensuring the ongoing provision of fresh drinking water to the island group. This sustained effort aligns with the company’s dedication to addressing water scarcity and improving the quality of life for communities in need.
By : martiN1 | Dec 12, 2023