Carocell produces safe, high quality potable water from any source including seawater, surface water, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.

Carocell is the most efficient and cost effective product of its kind. Independent testing by world-renowned engineering firm ARUP found Carocell to be twice as solar efficient as comparable products. The system is fully accredited under the Australian and New Zealand standard AU/NZ 4020:2018 for producing clean drinking water.

F Cubed has water tests and testimonials from all over the world and in depth studies from accredited institutions such as the Bangladesh University of Engineering, the University of the South Pacific and the Institute of Solar Energy in India.

F CUBED has sold its product in over 30 countries with over 3,000 installations globally and is the ideal off-grid low maintenance system for rural areas and remote island communities.

Carocell technology was developed with the following information in mind:

  • The World Health Organization estimates over one billion people lack access to purified drinking water
  • A significant portion of these people are in rural or remote areas or island nations where a lack of infrastructure means a heavily reliance on contaminated water supplies
  • F Cubed offers an off-grid, low maintenance and environmentally solution to these areas